Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Modern Japanese House | House In Nagatoro | Japan | Case Real

This is a residential plan in the Chichibu area of the Saitama prefecture. With the beautiful silhouettes of the Mt. Kamafuse in the
background, the site is located within a farming land rich of fields. This residential house consists of 2 views, the outer is an objective
one of the mountains and housing structure, the other is a subjective view from inside of the house. The roof may look like a simple gabled roof, instead it is a combination of two shed roofs in different length and height connected with an adjusted angle. This gives the volume of the structure seen from the West side where the approach is, to naturally follow the silhouette of the mountains. Also the
beautiful mountains are used as a borrowed scenery looking from the inside through the windows in the volume of the opposite East side. The wide hallway running through the two volumes functions as the axis to connect the private and public spaces of this house........more

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