Saturday, February 11, 2017

Modern Residential Development | Kaspar Weyrer Strasse | Innsbruck | Austria | Snohetta & Werner Burtscher

The residential project in Kaspar Weyrer Strasse was created in collaboration with Werner Burtscher.

The architectural arrangement of the housing complex facilitates social contact within shared areas such as the underground garage or the private apartments.

Visibly anchored in plain sight, the staircases enable their residents to customize their individual entrance areas. This concept transfers people into the public space and does not conceal them within an introvert staircase. The spaces in-between the houses invite to pause, play or pursue horticultural activities. Each unit is accessible from the exterior through its own front door.

The draft follows the layout of the original housing development area between Schneeburggasse and the terrain edge above Höttinger Au and reinterprets it corresponding to contemporary aspects – not as one massive “super-block”, but as several single units with surrounding green spaces.

All apartment windows face east or west. The two-story solutions on the upper levels of the structure offer additional spatial qualities. Each apartment has at least one individual outdoor area such as west-facing gardens on ground level and west- or east-facing terraces on the upper floors. The measurements of the ground floor apartments are 4 x 13.85 meters......more

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