Friday, March 24, 2017

Austrian Modern House | Jewel Of Salzburg | Austria | Hariri & Hariri

Inspired by the defining natural elements of the City of Salzburg, this project takes form. The master plan of this development abstractly mimics the city and becomes the microcosm of the city of Salzburg itself, with the defining mountains and Salzach River flowing through.

To create a dialogue and a personal, meditative experience, we have cut a narrow creek at the edge of the rock wall, which guides and invites the public through the site. Just like the Salzach River, it creates a new boundary, provides movement, and extends the nature into the site. The old path is incorporated in this sequence where the water travels from the highest elevation on the site through a small waterfall and becomes the collector of melting snow water, icicles, and rocks. This pedestrian path is carefully designed to allow the public to enjoy the natural beauty of the forest and the rock face without disturbing the privacy of the residents. This water canal also provides a place for exhibition of outdoor water sculptures......more

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