Thursday, July 16, 2009

Modern House Design-Kubler House ( Casa Kubler) | Santiago,Chile | 57 Studio

Authors: Maurizio Angelini / Benjamin Oportot
Contributor: Felipe Zamora / Carla Uribe
Project Year: 2006 - 2007
Construction Year: 2007 - 2008
Location: Las Brisas de Chicureo, Colina, Chile.
Structural Calculation: Claudio Hinojosa
Construction: CYBCO
Material: Reinforced Concrete / Steel / Gray Stone Hill

Site size of 5,000 m2 and surrounded by a majority of golf courses and green areas, have the presence of mountains, high temperatures in summer and winds from the south. It seeks to incorporate the landscape into the daily life of the house, taking the client's request of wanting to spend time of the year in the outdoors.

The property has a park to the north, a road towards the west and south, where the access is. The house is situated towards the corner of two streets to rid the garden, causing a continuity with the park and clearing the views of the mountains in the east.

All interior spaces are organized around a central courtyard, 8 x 8 m of land that collects and incorporates it into the house. Bounded by the roof slab, the patio opens up its north face to project the views of the garden. One-third of its area is bisected by a mirror of water that reinforces this view through a covered terrace. Public areas are involved constantly in the yard from the main entrance to be articulating the services towards the west. On the east wall of a closed double-height control the area without losing its private participation in the courtyard and climb to accompany the master bedroom. From there, you leave a large terrace overlooking the countryside, where quincho and pool are located at some distance by exploiting the land in its entirety.

Some walls are extended to direct view and close to the house winds and nearby streets. It also extends the slabs as eaves to protect the windows from the sun and cover the terraces. These architectural elements radicalized the opening of the interior spaces to deepen its presence from the outside.
Images from:57 Studio
Original text from 57Studio and translated by Neocribs
We have recieved more pictures of the house from 57 studio here

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