Friday, August 14, 2009

House Expansion | Övre Gla, Sweden | 24H> architecture

Project desciption This extension is to an original cabin from the 1800’s, located on the shore of the lake Övre Gla in the nature reserve Glaskogen in Sweden. According to Swedish building regulations it is not allowed to make an extension that exceeds a maximum floor area. A second priority for the building regulations is its proximity to the border of the estate, in this case the extraordinary location along a stream, which forms part of the site boundary. The building should stay 4,5 meters clear of the site boundary.

Project:Dragspelhuset at Övre Gla
Client:Fam. Zeisser Architect
Architect:24H > architecture
Olav Bruin
Jeroen ter Haar
Sabrina Kers
Fieke Poelman Site address
Kopparebäcken, Smolmark, Årjäng Sweden

Planning Design: September 2001-may 2002
Construction: may 2002-june 2004
Completion:August 2004
Construction costs:€ 80.000,-
Floor area:54-72 m2
Copyright photographs:James Silverman

Façade cladding Red Cedar wood shingles, Reindeer fur for the interior wall finishing, combined with Birch lattice and plasterwork.

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