Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hybrid House | Residence for a Briard | Sander Architects | Los Angeles

Project cost: $500,000 3,800sf at +/-$130sf (includes site prep, foundation, hookups, all construction hard costs.)

GREEN MATERIALS AND STRATEGIES used in Residence for a Briard

- Rental unit creates increased density (less land use per person)
- Proximity to public transportation + all basic amenities within walking distance
- Site orientation maximizes passive heating and cooling
- Extensive glazing maximizes natural day lighting
- Multi-cell acrylic panels (with high R-value) for glazing reduces heat loss/gain
- Super-insulated building minimizes energy requirements to heat/cool.
- Recycled steel framing reduces overall building cost / reduces amount of steel
- Grey water system for landscape irrigation.
- Low-water / xeriscape landscaping and plants
- Bamboo flooring
- Sustainable kitchen / bathroom cabinetry
- Stained concrete floors: original concrete slab (fewer materials used)
- On-demand water heater
- Radiant heat connected to on-demand hot water heater
- Recycled steel framing
- Recycled denim insulation
- Eco-resin panels
- Low-flush toilets
- Linoleum flooring and wall covering in bathrooms
- Low VOC paint
- Energy star appliances
- Fluorescent light fixtures w/ programmable dimmers

Sander Architects

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