Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CS House | Sentmenat,Barcelona,Spain | AHAsociados

This house is located in an area dotted with residential buildings.
Building a house that creates an isolated world for its inhabitants requires a simple but determined execution. It has been necessary to make the most of the views by making use of the elevated position of the plot to protect it from the impact of adjacent buildings. The “S” section allows the opening up of the bedrooms and living-room to the garden that is protected by vegetation. The first floor has the opposite orientation so that the light enters directly into its rooms. In this floor the opaque level that turns into a far image of the house protects the terrace, a floor opened to the sky in the folded level, which is the private and intimate place of the house. The folded “S” section floats above a cut in the ground with a "C" form that in its opening empties the site and leaves a hole above which the house is constructed.The access floor is located in the basement floor and discovers the dynamic section of the house. The sides are opened and glazed so that the folding of the section is shown...more

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