Sunday, December 19, 2010

Casa Cesar Ferreira | Alcanena | Portugal | Goncalo Byrne Arquitectos

On a small hill on the edge of urban Alcanena, remnants of a floor, a flag of farming and a small grove of almond trees form a group to which it has access by a spiral ramp that circles the hill.
The project involves the recovery of those three elements, by deploying the new house in the center of them, in order to structure their new relationships. The project seeks to create a proper place of living featuring clearly and naturally the various facets of this dwelling, whether inside or outside. The articulation of the existing house with the shed allows you to create two separate outdoor areas, the north courtyard of service to the south another courtyard, organizes swimming pool, tennis court and garden, which is down from the grove. From a covered porch in the old barnyard, the divisions are ranked in the ground floor with some autonomy, around the room, double height, while low-level seek to extend outwards. The first floor rooms have been around for a small gallery that circles the room. The distribution system of their circulations form a mesh similar to the layout of urban organization, where the corridor serves as "street" and the room as "square". The shed holds, in essence, the characteristics of the original building, with minor adjustments to current uses.....more

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