Sunday, December 19, 2010

House In Castro Verde | Portugal By Goncalo Byrne Arquitectos

Located on a gentle slope in Castro Verde, South-oriented, with a panoramic view of the undulating plain, the new house is structured so as to follow the contour lines. The various elements are arranged so as to relate different activities with the geography of the site, through a series of small terraces articulated with some existing tree masses and other pre-existing stocks to be restored.

The house consists of two main bodies articulated.

In one of the bodies, plant centered around a courtyard, meet the daytime activities and services.

The structure of these spaces is close to the Roman villas - ancestor of the remaining architecture of the hills of Alentejo - looking for guidance and open living spaces on the broader landscape near and far.

The wing of rooms is linked to the former body through an angle that results from setting the contours of the land.

This wing, together with the annexes of the pool, a way that protects the corner of North and West of the landscaped pool area.....more

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