Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Four houses on the Brunt Rose in Utrecht Designed By Bakers Architecten

The houses are an exercise in inventive use of space. The location is cramped and enclosed on all sides, the lots are only four meters wide at a depth of fourteen meters. By light shafts and an ingenious layout, the house nonetheless bright and spacious houses become.

The floors on both sides of the light shafts staggered every half a floor height relative to each other. The many views that arise in this way eliminate the "poky" in that many houses do seem so small.
Because of privacy are the living rooms on the first floor. The ground floor houses the kitchen, on the second floor is a roof terrace. In the space behind the hood, a bathroom, office and guest bedroom located.

The last house is bigger and calls on other design questions. The map is wedge-shaped and long wing is prominently in view. Here is through a layered architecture, the transition from open to closed and private and public design. In a modest way this project shows that introverted faces the outside world.....more

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