Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hermann House | Graz | Austria | Architekturburo Ernst Giselbrech

This house was planned for the HERMANN family who is of carpenter.
In addition there is an apartment for parents or guests. The profession of the client is a carpenter - and his fondness for wood. A specific planning of the house caters especially for this.His precise consideration of wood and their execution, it performs professionally, will be shown in the design of the house.

The house shows wood as valuable material. For this, the wood of the facade in contrast to the massive walls and the gray-coated plywood elements.

The house is marked by a simple and clear structure. The central entrance with an open hallway to the right of the living area and left the small apartment, are connected in the EC. On the upper floor are the rooms down the southeast side and on the street side, the wet areas. Crucial for the design of the house, the upstairs terraces in the west and one in the northeast.....more

Location: Graz, Styria
Owner: Joseph and Isabella Hermann
Architect: DI Ernst Giselbrecht
Employees: Gernot Bittlingmaier
Planners: Statics: DI Pötscher, 8010 Graz
Planning: Spring 1996 - Autumn 1996
Construction start: Summer 1996
Completion: October 1997
Constructional data: Net usable area: 165 m²
Built-up Area: 195 m²

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