Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thurm House | Lochau | Austria | Architekturburo Ernst Giselbrech

Location:Lochau, Vorarlberg
Client: Mag Stephan and Patricia tower
Architect: DI Giselbrecht Ernst, John Kaufmann
Client:DI Peter Fürnschuss (Giselbrecht)
Leonhard Huet, DI Paul Steurer (businessman)
Planning: June 2003 - August 2005
Start of construction: May 2005
Completion: December 2005
Constructional data: Net floor area: 260 m² (+ terraces: 90 m²)
Gross floor area: 320 m²
Volume: 1,500 m³
Hillside garden with 3-storey house;
Shell: steel, concrete, some with masonry;
Facades: EIFS, west side and ceiling-height fixed glazing parallel slide and tilt sash;
Sun protection: thermal protection glazing, external Venetian blinds....more

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