Sunday, December 19, 2010

House In Plentzia Bizkaia | Spain By AV62 Arquitectos

The project is organized into two volumes. A two-story rectangular volume with half-buried, and another superimposed on the latter is performed by both road access and pedestrian.

The main volume is emptied half buried by three yards, making it permeable to light and views. Two patios in the rear and a courtyard garden in the front, ordering the housing around it. The resulting organization adopts a U shape defining aside the day and relationship (living-dining-kitchen), and the other the most private of rooms. The staircase and the elevator is located in the middle section, in connection with the input volume. This line of communication with the outside vertical and occupies a prominent position of centrality in the organizational hierarchy of the house. This together with large openings to the landscape leaves the living quarters of housing in a dynamic and somewhat unstable intermediate space that eventually the inhabitants of the house will have to begin to define and conquer. The central courtyard is the space where the outside air and the weather is domesticated to allow life to evolve around them....more
The access to input using a bridge that passes over the garden. This module is the garage and the entrance to the house. A lift connects the garage with the two lower floors due to the steep slope of the site they have chosen a structural solution based on concrete walls. These walls, defining the perimeter of the house, become, in some points, retaining walls of the ground.

A level of enclosures, housing has two distinct types:

-Facades opaque matter, which correspond to the structural concrete walls. Walls of 25 cm of concrete or cladding with insulation (extruded polystyrene) and plasterboard. The exterior is made by a repellent paint.

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