Friday, July 1, 2011

Terrace House Renovation | Mary Street | Matt Gibson a+d

This renovation of a Boom Style Victorian 2–story terrace within a heritage overlay celebrates both old and new whilst marrying the periods within an integrated whole. Rather than ‘two pavilions’ this home is instead orchestrated in combination through a continuity of material and colour. The rear is intended as a contemporary interpretation of the front. Whilst retaining a strongly designated functional layout the journey from front to rear involves a progressive spatial ‘editing out’ with selective removal of walls and a break down of the Victorian containment. A central light court becomes a pivotal textural feature in the centre of the home. Full height glazing at centre & rear enable a breezeway and temperature regulator. Allocations of surface, threshold and junction are rigorously explored at the junction of old & new - the existing dwelling retains its high Victorian grandeur, the lower volume contains a more relaxed, contemporary & comfort driven approach.........more

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