Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alpine Ski Apartment | Kranjska Gora | Slovenia | OFIS Arhitekti

The project is located in the Slovenian alpine town Kranjska Gora on the north western corner of the country. The brief required a public ground floor and small apartments on the upper floor that could be converted into bigger units.
Concept design-initial urban cube-cutout the cube in vertical and horizontal planesThe concept design was initially dictated by strict local building regulations, height and footprint plot limit which partially led to the building form.
The first step was pasting maximum volume on the site -a cube on the allowed urban footprint. The final form derived from cutting the cube in the vertical and horizontal planes. Horizontal cut - pitched roof with flat top to hide service ventilation pipes and chimneys.Vertical cut - angled corners with inserted wooden balconies allowing the building a softer, less substantial volume appearance....more

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