Monday, November 28, 2011

Cabin Design | Vardehaugen Cabin | Fosen | Trøndelag | Norway | Fantastic Norway

The project is a coastal cabin placed on Vardehaugen, an outcrop by the mouth of the fjord at Grøttingen on the Fosen peninsula. The property is situated 35 meters above sea level in a small depression at the top of the outcrop, with a panoramic view in virtually all directions.
The cabin is shaped in a pose similar to a mountain fox curling up to avoid the wind. The body of the building lies snugly by a low mountain ridge and embraces the polished rock furthest out on the property. A small annex helps define an atrium and to shelter the outside spaces from cold and wind.
To provide maximum protection for the cabin, the black roof folds in and becomes wall surfaces towards the most exposed directions. The wall surfaces are placed at the angle that will give least access to the wind. At the entrance and by the living spaces, the rough, dark walls are replaced by horizontal, white covering.
The planning of the cabin was executed during a year of regular trips to Vardehaugen.........more

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