Sunday, April 8, 2012

Modern New York Residence | Oceanfront Residence Montauk | New York | Biber Architects

This is the finest private residence we have ever designed, for both the level of quality and the magnificence of the site. It was designed for a couple whose commitment to the art of design is unparalleled and whose trust and appreciation never wavered.

The pair of ocean front houses, on adjacent lots in Montauk, New York, were designed to capture that rarest of assets: large private outdoor space on the Atlantic. The main house is earthbound: a low-slung single story composed of an open (steel and glass) wing and an embracing (brick and wood) one. Only the writing studio and outdoor fireplaces top the single story height.

The guest house, by contrast, is airborne, barely touching the ground and creating a series of covered spaces and processional gateways to the main house. The guesthouse is, as we thought of it, the second floor of the main house, dislocated to the entry side of the site where it can participate in defining the large landscaped courtyard hovering 75 feet above the ocean............more

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