Friday, October 29, 2010

Villa Bussum, Netherlands By Group A

Villa Bussum is situated in a lush, leafy neighbourhood in Bussum; a small town near Amsterdam. The design for the villa by GROUP A appears both modern and sculptural, and interacts in a natural way with its surroundings.
By using slanting walls and roofs the abstract building volume feels comfortably embedded in the landscape.
A cut-out corner facing the street in front of the house, clearly indicates the main entrance. On the eastern side of the villa, a secluded garden and a second entrance can be found.
A comfortable porch and a 15 meter wide panorama window face the garden, and double up as a transition between the villa and the garden at the back of the house.
Both gardens in front and at the back of the house are linked to each other by a sloping path. This
descending path extends itself to underneath the cantilevering villa, thereby providing garden access for the basement floor.....more

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