Friday, December 17, 2010

House In Nieuw Leyden | Netherlands | NAT Architecten

Lot 9 Nieuw Leyden

The house actually has an important intervention that organizes the entire house. Because we have a private bathroom as the volume treated and the section of the house slightly increased compared to the rest of the floors. This creates a spacious entrance hall except in the bathroom is also a slightly raised patio on the bathroom. This patio is raised to the exact height of the countertop of the kitchen. This can easily from the kitchen through sliding doors offer a drink or snack. This increase continues to be the entire area of the house and experienced a lot of light coming from the patio deep into the living room and staircase. Also in this patio will be more able to enjoy the sunlight and still decided to sit.

The facade will be implemented as an abstract perforated white facade with a stucco finish. The glass will be possible in the area are detailed. The openings are meticulously chosen and defined on views and light. One can enjoy a bath from the spectacular views and has raised a nice big patio window to the street. The positions of the windows also ensure that people from the streets can not readily see where the underlying floor. The satin finished wall will therefore quiet day and night a surprising picture.
The staircase gives light to the entrance. Through the various floors one arrives at a grass roof over the top, which is located above the living room, where at any time of day can enjoy the sun and the view.....more
clients: Fam. den Hartog and Rooijakers
net area: 180 m2
Contractor: Seb.Prins
urban design: MVRDV
construction cost: around 150,000 euros plus VAT
stage: Completed 2008

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